Quality Refurbished MRI Sales

For a cost-effective solution to your imaging needs, rely on Proton Services Incorporated. Our Sayreville, New Jersey, business offers refurbished MRI sales for practices in the New York Tri-State area, as well as in Southeast Florida.

Siemens Avanto MRI – $425,000

Our fully warranted, Siemens™ Symphony MRI comes in cold and ready for a Florida, New York, or New Jersey candidate. As with any equipment we sell, this MRI has been evaluated, inspected, and tested by our experienced engineers. Our direct employees personally disconnected, crated, and transported this MRI to our cold storage facility, where it is monitored daily.

Siemens Symphony - Refurbished MRI Sales

Product Details:

   •  Avanto or Espree
   •  Syngo™ B17 Software
   •  Head Matrix Coil
   •  Body Flex Array
   •  Spine Matrix
   •  Neck Array
   •  Extremity Coil
   •  Breast Array
   •  Large & Small Flex
   •  Large & Small Shoulder Array
   •  Angio Array for Full Runoffs

Terms of Purchase

This offer is valid only in the New York Tri-State area, or Southeast Florida. Your purchase includes Proton rig-in (conditions apply), installation, and our one-year warranty. We require 50% down, and 30% upon delivery. The remaining 20% is due upon receipt of the full turnover certificate showing the passing shim data, a passing physicist ACR phantom report, and an all coils report with passing SNR on all coil elements.

Contact us for an opportunity to enhance your patient care offerings with our refurbished MRI sales.